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CORBAK Office.Technology Solutions had the pleasure of attending the 15th Annual SmartWomen Luncheon & Expo this week at the beautiful Savannah Trade & International Convention Center.   Raising funds for the St. Joseph’s/Candler’s Mary Telfair Women’s Hospital to ensure that all women have access to mammography, it was such a joy to take part in this fun and energetic Expo.





CORBAK – Office Technology Solutions began as its’ own entity in October 2016. But our outsourcing roots and experience go well beyond the infancy of a new company. CORBAK – Office Technology Solutions evolved from the most successful and well respected locally owned and operated staffing solutions company serving Savannah and Southeastern USA for over 30 years. Operating as the “back-office solutions” support team and through market demanded growth, the back-office group, (what is now) CORBAK –   Office.Technology Solutions, gained a life of its’ own, growing into a viable outsourcing solution for our clients throughout the community and beyond.

ADDED VALUE- In 2015, one of the area’s most well know, respected and successful information technology consultative services companies, “PC Doctors”, was acquired and made a part of the Back-Office group, completing the Outsourcing Team.

“Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses!” Ryan Kahn

CORBAK – Office Technology Solutions was officially created in October 2016, bringing with it the most knowledgeable, experienced and complete Back-Office Teams in the industry. With our unmatched Information Technology, Payroll, Accounting and Human Resources experience, we instantly became one of the most well-respected “outsourcing service providers” around.




The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

Want to grow your business faster? Start outsourcing your most tedious back-office tasks.

By Sujan Patel Co-founder, Web Profits@sujanpatel

Payroll is an essential part of your business, much like sales, customer service, and even content marketing. It's not just a twice-monthly annoyance or a bookkeeping task. Payroll is how you reward and retain employees, compensating them for the work they've done. When there are errors due to miscalculation, you'll wind up with dissatisfied, unmotivated employees.

Calculation errors are not the only concern, however. There are hundreds of tax codes and payroll regulations that you need to understand. A payroll mistake with any one of these items can be costly:

  • Classification of employees and contractors
  • W-2 forms
  • Tax deposit and filing deadlines
  • Overtime payments
  • State unemployment taxes
  • Garnishments and levies
  • Taxable items

And that's just to name a few. In 2013, the Internal Revenue Service issued 6.8 million penalties, totaling $4.5 billion related to employment taxes alone. The penalties aren't surprising when you consider that some 40% of small business owners don't use an accountant at all.

"There are so many little rules for a small business owner to stay on top of," says David McKelvey, a tax and business consulting partner at New York-based accounting firm Friedman LLP...[Read More]